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The northern Michigan offices in Traverse City, Bellaire, Beulah, Frankfort, Leland, Cadillac, Elk Rapids and Charlevoix combine with the corporately-owned branch offices located throughout the five metro Detroit counties and franchised offices across the state to create Michigan’s largest real estate firm. The strength of our extensive network of offices gives us leads and contacts throughout the state.

With a team of the top real estate professionals in the area, you can count on receiving the highest level of service and professionalism from your Real Estate One sales associate.

515 E. Cayuga Street – PO Box 293
Bellaire, MI  49615
Phone: 231-533-6114
Fax: 231-533-6793
Manager: Kim Hejka


57 N Michigan Avenue — PO Box 127
Beulah, MI   49617
Phone: 231-882-4449
Fax: 231-882-9737
Manager: Dennis Pearsall


1027 N. Mitchell St. #3
Cadillac, MI 49601
Phone: 231-468-3441
Fax: 231-468-3443
Manager: Dennis Pearsall


1200 Bridge Street
Charlevoix, MI 49720
Phone: 231-547-5100
Fax: 231-547-5120
Manager: Kim Hejka
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Elk Rapids 
101 River Street – PO Box 308
Elk Rapids, MI  49629
Phone: 231-264-6604
Fax: 231-254-6716
Manager: Kim Hejka


323 Main Street
Frankfort, MI   49635
Phone: 231-352-4449
Fax: 231-352-7057
Manager: Dennis Pearsall


113 N. Main Street
Leland, MI 49654
Office Phone: 231-256-2904
Fax: 231-256-2906
Manager: Dennis Pearsall
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Traverse City – Front Street
511 E. Front Street
Traverse City, MI   49686
Phone: 231-947-9800
Fax: 231-947-0539
Manager: Clint Wheeler


Traverse City – Randolph
521 Randolph Street
Traverse City, MI   49684
Phone: 231-946-4040
Fax: 231-933-1644
Manager: Dennis Pearsall

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